Teknobag Draimad With Skid Manufacturers In Vadodara

Teknobag Draimad With Skid Manufacturers In Vadodara

The proposed system features sludge dewatering and flocculation system. It consists of Poly preparation tank, 'poly-sludge' mixing tank which is also called as Flocculator, poly dosing pump and Teknobag Draimad sludge dewatering equipment.

First Polyelectrolyte solution is prepared by mixing polyelectrolyte (powder form) with water in Poly preparation ta n k to get a solution of 0.1% concentration and then it is pumped through poly dosing pump to Flocculator. Sludge from the sludge-settling tank (exclusion from scope) is also fed to the Flocculator using the sludge feed pumps (exclusion of scope) of capacity 1 m3/hr, with facility for flow adjustment. In the Flocculator the sludge and the poly is mixed continuously with poly solution in with about three minutes of residence time.

Poly dosing is adjusted to achieve formation of big and strong flocks.

The flocculated sludge is fed to Teknobag Draimad Dewatering unit by gravity continuously. The feeding is stopped manually once the bags are filled with sludge in approximately 2 to 3 hrs and is kept standing for another 4 to 5 hrs for draining of any further free water. The time cycles depends entirely on the quality of sludge and the q ua I ity of flocculation. Filtrate generated is collected in the bottom tray of Teknobag Draimad and led out from the bottom of the unit through outlet nozzle. This filtrate is to be led back to the equalization tank of the ETP by gravity or other suitable system (exclusion of scope). Sludge collected in bags has to be removed manually, first the mouth of the bag is tied using the tie wires and wire twister provided and then removed using the trolley provided, stacked / stored at suitable location for approximately 10 to 15 days for further de watering through natural evaporation. After that the dried out sludge is removed from the bag and is sent for further disposal. Bags can be washed and reused for dewatering of sludge. New bag are installed and the unit restarted for dewatering of the next batch of sludge.


In this automatic model the only manual tasks entails removing the full bags from the unit and fitting new bags. The correct operation of the whole system is managed by a control panel complete with a digital unit that controls and also detects some important alarms such as: Alarm – First filling lasted too long Alarm - refill lasted too long Alarm - bag damaged

The optional pressurization facility enables the dewatering time to be decreased and increases the quantity of sludge which can be treated. This is due to the higher dry solids concentration achieved inside the bags, reducing the work time and bag consumption.

Salient Features:
• Programmed for optimum filtration cycles
• Operating cycles can be altered to handle sludge's with varying properties
• Automatic operation of sludge pump
• Automatic finishing of filtration cycle
• Option to extend to pressurization phase
• Use of compressed air for automatic operation and compaction of sludge.

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