Sub Vertical Mechanical Coarse Screen In Rajkot

Sub Vertical Mechanical Coarse Screen In Rajkot

The GVB is a coarse bar screen with cleaning rakes for filtration of waste water.

Salient Features:

• The drive steel shaft is assembled on spherical centre bearing, equipped with chain tensioning system.
• Two stainless steel toothed cleaning rakes.
• Special device for reversal of rake's motion.
• Special chain guide, no bottom sprocket required.
• Suitable for use in unmanned Plants.
• Ease of operation.
• Installation in channels upto 2 meters wide and 10 meters deep.
• Bar spacing from 12 mm to 60 mm.
• Capacities upto 2000 m3.
• MOC carbon steel hot dip galvanised / stainless steel SS304 and 316.


• Municipal waste water treatment plants.
• Industrial waste water treatment plants such as Paper mill, Slaughterhouses, Food industry, Textile industry, Tanneries, Chemical industry.

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