Polysolution Unit Manufacturers In Rajkot

Polysolution Unit Manufacturers In Rajkot

This is a completely automatic unit for powder poly electrolyte. All the metallic parts in AISI 304 stainless steel. Poly electrolyte from feed hopper passes through a lump breaker and via screw conveyor microdoser to a predilution unit where it is mixed with a controlled volume of water and enters a dilution tank equipped with a 450 three bladed mechanical mixer. Then it passes through a dispersion tank which is also mechanically mixed and finally to an ageing and storage tank. The poly electrolyte solution withdrawn from this tank by a dosing pump (optional). When the contents in the ageing/storage tanks full to a preset level, the water and poly electrolyte feed are automatically restarted and are stopped when the tank is full. Sensors are provided for automatic operation and dosing pump protection.

Salient Features of CAP Series:

• Precise control of the poly dilution process.
• Reduction in wastage of Poly electrolyte and water
• Ease and comfortable in operation
• Minimal operator interference

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