CMP Manufacturers In Ahmedabad

CMP Manufacturers In Ahmedabad

This is a completely automatic u n it for Emulsion Polyelectrolyte.
The units are produce in 2 models one to prepare up to 2000 LPH of solution and other up to 6000 LPH.

These equipment's operate on the following principle:

Initially water passes through a water control group necessary to regulate its quantity and pressure and then passing through the static mixer inside which there is first contact with emulsion. Emulsion is dosed by a high viscosity special pumps with variable flow. At this stage water and poly passes through the tank where with an aid of electric stirrer there is the complete dispersion of the polymer. Then it passes to ageing and storage tanks from which it is taken and delivered to the usage point. The level sensor installed in the ageing and storage tanks control the correct operation of the plant and reports any alarm conditions.

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